Cycling Centurions

Cycling Centurions… originating in the UK, but uniting cyclists worldwide.

The club ethos is about riding or aspiring to ride 100 miles and sharing your experiences with other like minded riders.

The website promotes this ethos where riders share advice and stories from their adventures. The site also lists Sportive events for you to enter and further century based challenges you may like to take on.

Cycling Centurions also has a thriving Strava club where members rides are logged contributing to the weekly  Hall of Fame and all century riders are inducted into the 100 club.

100 miles is a long way… non-cyclists tell me they wouldn’t even drive that far… so riding a century is an awesome achievement. I completed my first century in August 2014 and was immediatley hooked… I’m now  on a mission to complete 100 by the time I’m 60.

I’ve have also written two books … ‘Tales of A Centurion’ and ‘My Tour of Wessex’… where you can follow my never ending story rising from a wheelchair to complete his first century and beyond to becoming  a self-confessed endurance junkie. I also write articles for

When I first had the ambition to ride a century, I needed a place to go for the specific advice and support required. Instead I had to combine the experience gained from my running days with ideas I had cherry picked from various books and magazine articles. As a consequence I decided to set up this site, to create a place for potential centurions to go for that information and for everyone who has already been there… a place share your experiences and to discover ideas for riding further centuries.

There are also Facebook and Twitter sites for you to follow, like, share, comment, tweet and re-tweet etc.

Enjoy the ride of your life!