This site has been set up to help anyone aspiring to ride a century bike ride or anyone who has already ridden one (or more) and is looking for further century based challenges.

100 miles is a long way… non-cyclists tell me they wouldn’t even drive that far… so riding a century is an awesome achievement. I completed my first century in August 2014 and was immediatley hooked… I’m now  on a mission to complete 100 by the time I’m 60.

When I first had the ambition to ride a century, I needed a place to go for the specific advice and support required. Instead I had to combine the experience gained from my running days with ideas I had cherry picked from various books and magazine articles. As a consequence I decided to set up this site, to create a place for potential centurions to go for that information and for everyone who has already been there… a place share your experiences and to discover ideas for riding further centuries.

For the purposes of this site a “Century” is defined as 100 miles.  For those who prefer metric… that’s 161 kilometres.

Although construction of the site is still in progress… the popular Events Listing, Challenges and Rider Contributions pages are now up and running. The ultimate plan is to provide all the advice, tips and inspiration you’ll need to complete your first century.

In the meantime…

Enjoy the ride of your life…