April Fools Double

Some people can’t resist coffee and walnut cake; some people can’t resist chocolate biscuits, but me… I can’t resist century bike rides.

My original plan for the weekend was a short gentle ride on Saturday followed by the usual Sunday club run. However, there was a local sportive on Saturday, an eighty miler and if I included my commute, added a few extra miles… I could muster a century. But then I got thinking, Sunday’s club ride was pencilled in as a sixty-five miler at ‘social’ pace, if I included my commute, added a few extra miles, and yes, you know what’s coming… another century. It’d been several months since my last (and first) double century, so why not?

Read the rest of this story in the book… My Tour of Wessex

Day One: Strava | VeloViewer | Relive CC
Day Two: Strava | VeloViewer | Relive CC

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