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Cycling Centurions is open to everyone, whether you ridden one or more centuries, want to complete a century or just an interested observer… you’re all welcome.

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The best way to keep abreast of all things Cycling Centurions is to join the free Strava club. These are the benefits…

Hall of Fame Who rode the furthest last week? Who had the longest ride? Who climbed the highest? These are automatically displayed (for one week) by those lovely people at Strava, however… at Cycling Centurions we go one step further and list our weekly champions on our Hall of Fame for posterity.
The 100 Club Ridden a century? Your efforts will be recognised by automatic induction to the 100 Club where your ride statistics (and a link back to your ride) are honoured for all to admire… a virtual pat on the back!
VeloViewer VeloViewer famously collaborate with many World Tour Teams, but they also collaborate with the mighty Cycling Centurions… we have our very own leaderboard on their wonderful site. 
Updates Regular updates on your Strava Feed… member achievements, stories of riders’ adventures, videos, pictures and much more.
Free Gift All members, old and new, are entitled to a Free PDF copy of our first book… ‘Tales of a Centurion‘. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Cycling Centurions Strava page, join up then come back here to claim your Free Gift.

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