The Ride

There are three steps to completing your first century, subsequent centuries and in fact any challenge…

  • Getting to the Start Line
  • Crossing the Finish Line
  • Doing the Training

The order might sound illogical, but there’s method in my madness.  The first two are psychological, the third is physical.

Getting to the Start Line
Just committing to a challenge, being positive and serious about it is enough to get you to the start line.

Crossing the Finish Line
Be strong, be positive and you WILL succeed… half the battle is psychological. Visualise yourself crossing the line, think about what it will feel like… the elation… the sense of achievement.

You will definitely need help along the way, but only you have the control, only you can prevent yourself from completing the challenge.

Doing the Training
Now for the physical bit… the training is about reducing the suffering on the day. Get this right and you will cruise to your first century, you will enjoy it so much that you will want to do more.

Get it wrong and you will suffer.  You will finish (see no.2) but you’ll be doing it the hard way and it might put you off riding another century.

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Find an Event
The Events Listing that you wanted more than anything else is up and running… I’ve found over 60 sportives that have at least one 100 mile route (plus shorter routes)… go ahead and take a look.

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Read the Books
If you’re seeking inspiration, check out my books. Firstly, the story of how I recovered from a serious injury to go on and complete my first twelve centuries in Tales of A Centurion. Secondly, my journey from centurion to multi-centurion in My Tour of Wessex.