My Tour of Wessex

Excerpt from the forthcoming book…

It’s around 11 o’clock on an overcast but humid Tuesday morning, the day after the last bank holiday in May 2017.

I’m driving home to Sussex on the M3 motorway, the rear of the car is chock full of three days worth of worn out cycling paraphernalia scattered in, on and around various open bags.

In the front my legs are starting to seize up, my aching back is demanding a stretch and I’m in desperate need of a caffeine fix. Signs for Fleet Services miraculously appear and beckon me in.

I tentatively open the car door and manoeuvre my aching limbs onto the tarmac below. The humidity of the day is of no consequence as I hobble towards the service station wearing my pain like a badge of honour.

This was no ordinary pain, this was no ordinary badge of honour. I had just completed the most demanding, the most brutal and the most ludricous challenge of my life… I had just ridden 325 miles and climbed 20,000 feet in three days of torturous riding.

I sat down with my Americano and reflected on the last three days. The excruciating journey I had endured to earn the medal that was now proudly hanging around my neck. If euphoria was a drug… then I was overdosing.

This is the story of my journey. A story of painstaking preparation, insane suffering and ultimate survival… this is the story of… My Tour of Wessex.

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